Increase Your Home Value with Loft Conversions

In modern times, real estate buying and selling is increasing as the property prices are going up and property owners are looking out for extra earnings from their properties. The value of a home is dependent upon its features and space. Space is an important factor considered by every property buyer in a home and therefore a spacious home with required facilities sells at a better price than a small and congested home. Adding up space to an existing home can greatly elevate its value while making it comfortable for the residents to live in. There are different ways to increase space of an existing residential property. Depending on type and location of the property and personal interest one can go for home extensions either by building extra floors up or going for extensions sideways. One can also opt for conversions in certain areas of property like unused loft conversions and garage conversions to make home much spacious for living. Requirements for extra rooms like children’s playing room, room for new office set up at home or guest rooms all your needs can be easily be satisfied in an economical way through loft and garage conversions in comparison to the extensions.

The unused attics which were merely the storage spaces for the odd and old things earlier can be subjected to renovation for effective use. Through proper loft or attic conversions one can not only add space for the regular needs in home but can also add to the overall look of the home when designed effectively. One can design lofts as per their existing home interiors in order to give it a good look or try out something different which can uplift the overall look of the home. For example you can opt for velux roofline loft conversions for adding space in home. Today several kinds of stylish and advanced velux fittings for home are available in the market. You can select an appropriate design of the fittings to suit your interiors and which will give a rich look to your existing home. The velux fittings will make your loft space look much brighter and equally stylish. You can sufficient ventilation to your converted lofts with velux fittings in the way you require. Visit for information about the professional velux fitters for your domestic home renovations needs.

Loft conversions for extra space are carried out depending on the type of property. Depending on the structure of the property one can either go for hip to gable loft conversion or a dormer loft conversion for adding extra space in home.  Irrespective of the type, whether hip to gable loft conversion or a dormer loft conversion, you can add up space with minimum disturbance to your existing property and rather easily with attic conversions. Therefore you are increasing the home value with minimum investment through loft conversions for your home.

For this reason most of the property owners today in West Midlands are opting for conversions rather than extensions or new property buying to save up extra costs for their needs of a spacious home. Even the property sellers are adding space in their existing properties in order to increase its selling value. Therefore if you are looking to sell your home at a good price, you can opt for a loft conversion for maximum returns at minimum investment.

Loft Conversions in West Midlands – Why Should You Hire Loft Conversion Services?

When it comes to home everyone wants to have the best. Everyone desires to stay in luxurious and spacious home. If you are looking for the same and lack of space is the problem making you feel uncomfortable in your existing home, then going for home conversion and extensions would be a better option. Modifying the existing or unused spaces of your home can help you get more space for living needs. One of the best methods to convert an existing home for extra space is a loft conversion. If your home has sufficient unused loft space you can very well get it converted into a useful functional zone to meet your necessities with the help of professionals.

Why Hire Services of Expert Loft Converters?

The professional loft converters are usually experienced home renovators having an idea of different kind of properties and ways to convert them into spacious and fully functional abodes. These expert home renovators can modify your property for extra space while considering your needs. Converting a loft is very simplified and easy process with the loft conversion services of these experts. Everything from scratch to the end will be taken care by the professionals themselves and all that you need to do is to sit and relax while your home gets converted into a spacious abode. By hiring reputed loft conversion specialists for your home renovation you will be relieved from various property related issues or legal issues like permissions which otherwise would have to be handled by you. Usually these conversion specialists offer different types of services. Dormer conversions, hip to gable conversions, velux roofline conversions and internal roof height adjustments for extra space are few variants of services offered by these conversion specialists. Therefore you can select a service that suits your property, choice and budget needs.

Loft Conversions in West Midlands

One needs to hire a proper service in order to modify the home appropriately according to the best of their needs and budget. Those looking to hire service for loft conversions in West Midlands can find number of companies for the purpose. Different companies offer different kinds of services in different budgets. Select an appropriate converter who can offer the type of service you require according to your requirements. Compare the prices of various companies and then select the one who can offer you a quality service within your budget.

Warmer’s Lofts is a leading loft conversion company in UK offering most reliable and affordable services for home improvement in West Midlands. With expert loft converters team, the company offers quality services for loft conversions, garage conversions, velux roofline conversions, velux fitting services, home extensions, kitchen & bathroom design and much more.

Velux, Loft and Garage Conversions – The Most Popular Home Improvement Methods in West Midlands

Places in homes like lofts, garage etc are often neglected. These are no more than storage spaces where usually all the unused older things are collected. A little knowledge of proper use of these unused spaces in your home will help you save up all those extra costs which otherwise you would need to employ for home shifting or unnecessary extensions for want of extra space in your home.

Extra space for wants of growing families has always been a requirement of the home owners. To meet this essential requirement home owners in West Midlands have adopted a cost effective solution of home conversions. Today construction costs in almost every town or city of West Midlands like Dudley, Birmingham, Solihull etc. are rising up. It is quite affordable to renovate a home than to purchase a new house or office. Therefore home owners in West Midlands are now going for garage and loft conversions as an ultimate solution to add up space, value and a new dimension to their existing property.

Converting the unused spaces like lofts or garage will not only save up those extra pennies but will also boost up the sale value of your home by adding up new features to it. By these kind of home conversions, you can effectively redesign your unused spaces into fully functional areas which can be utilized for various needs of your family. For example you may want to have a toy room for your newly born baby or may want to set up a private office space at home, you may want an extra study room for your children or an extra bed room, whatever be the requirement you can cost effectively and affordably plan the extra space in your home through loft and garage conversions.

There are various advantages with loft or garage conversions. Apart from being cost and value effective, they also add up a new look to your home. By opting for decorative ventilation installments like velux windows and fittings in your home conversions you can convert your lofts and garage spaces into brighter and cosy functional areas. The velux fittings come in stylish designs and colors and therefore can enhance the home interiors when appropriate interior complementing modules are selected. Therefore your home will get a new modified look and will have much more functional space than earlier.

Today loft conversions are the most popular home improvement methods in West Midlands that are usually classified into forms like dormer conversions, roofline conversions and hip to gable conversions. Depending on the type of property, budget and choice the home owners may opt for any of these methods to make their homes spacious in a less budget. Today loft conversions for home are usually considered as permitted developments not requiring any planning permissions except in the case that these extensions or roof alterations exceed the specified property limits or conditions.

For those looking for loft conversions in West Midlands, Warmer’s Lofts can offer the best solutions to meet customized requirements at much cost effective prices. The loft conversion company with a team of experts offers full-fledged services to convert lofts, garage spaces of homes into stylish functional spaces. Services for all types of home conversions including velux installation, floor extensions in homes, side and rear extensions and kitchen and bathroom designing are offered by the company along with design and planning service.

Improve your Homes – Go for Loft Conversions

Is your home dark and not appropriately ventilated? Do you want to have a brighter and spacious home for your growing family? Then go for loft conversions as these are the best methods for converting homes into bright and spacious living spaces.

Loft conversions today are being adopted as home conversion techniques in most of the regions of the world. People are now realizing the importance of loft conversions for home improvement and therefore willing to hire loft converters for their home enhancing needs.

Very often it is seen that as family grows, most of them opt to change their homes for want of extra space and comfort. But does shifting home solve the problems of spacing? Yes it does but it is not so easy as it sounds. Lot of efforts are required before shifting to find a new home as per set requirements and even during shifting one has to hire transporting services which are usually very expensive and also post shifting as it might be difficult for the residents to get adjusted to the new location and neighborhood. Better way than shifting homes is to go for alternative methods like home improvement.

There are different ways through which you can improve your existing home for much ventilation and spacing needs. But among all, loft conversions are a simpler and easy process. Conversion of lofts deals with transforming the unused upper storey or attic spaces of your home so that they can be used for residential purposes. Different types of loft conversions can be opted for a property. Roof design, budget and personal preferences are the governing factors depending on which one usually decides for the relevant conversion.

If creating extra functional room in your home for children playing or office use is your motto then velux loft conversions can help. In velux conversions a room is simply created in your existing loft space. Velux windows or fittings are installed to fit flush with the line of the roof and leave the existing roof structure untouched. Velux is the most affordable home conversion for space and ventilation needs.

You can always add an extra floor space and headroom within your loft by opting for dormer type loft conversion. In this conversion usually a part of roof is used and extended for more floor space depending on the type of property. Gable front end conversions, flat roof conversions, hipped roof dormer conversions and shed conversions are the some of the popular kinds of dormer home conversions opted by most of the people today.

If you have a problem with your roof structure because of its hipped ends, do not worry as hip to gable conversions offered today will solve this problem. Usually hip ended structure does not have enough internal volume for conversions and therefore are not ideal for home improvement needs. By extending your loft space to the side of the roof with hip to gable conversions, you can easily make your roof or attic space appropriate for space conversions.

For any kind of home improvement needs, whether loft conversions for home space, garage conversions or installing velux fittings for ventilation needs, experts at Warmer’s Lofts can help you with all your requirements of spacious and well ventilated home.

Loft Conversions in West Midlands – Services offered by Loft Converters

Loft conversions are the best ways to meet increasing space demands in an existing home. With loft conversion one can create extra space to meet the needs of family without a requirement for extensions or new home buying. The alternatives like home shifting or floor extensions are usually time consuming and difficult procedures which may cost you pretty high as compared to conversion. Converting a loft is rather an easy process which can facilitate you with additional room for your requirements with slightest modifications to your property. Whether you require a study room or games room for your children or space to set up office at home, loft conversion is the best alternative to satisfy your needs at comparatively lesser costs.

The trend of loft conversions in West Midlands is quite popular. The home owners in this metropolitan county in western central England prefer conversions to add value to their traditional homes. The increasing land and property prices in metropolitan region are the main reasons for such a popularity of conversions here. Through loft adjustments in the existing property the owners do not need to make heavy investment in buying new home and will also be able to save up the extra costs which otherwise would be required in shifting to a new home. Today there are number of loft converters offering services for converting lofts in different parts of the county including loft conversions in Shrewsbury, Dudley, Birmingham, Solihull, Walsall, Wolverhampton etc.

By hiring the services of loft converters in West Midlands or loft conversion companies, one can expect to get the best help for their home renovations. These companies have a team of expert professionals who have knowledge of different kinds of properties and appropriate way to convert them into spacious ventures. Right from the selection of appropriate form of conversion to the complete implementation of the process everything is handled by these experts. They take care of rules and regulations in the region and can offer you the best and legal services so that you can convert your homes in a hassle-free way. A good loft conversion service provider will extend services for better home planning to add extra space to your home complementing your needs. They provide services for preparing structural plan of your existing construction and will also get approval from building construction authority if necessary. They are experienced professionals who can suggest you the best method to convert your properties for more space to meet your needs within the required budget.

For those looking for loft conversions in West Midlands, experts of Warmer’s Lofts can offer the best and most affordable solutions to meet the customized requirements. They can provide services like loft extension, dormer conversions, hip to gable conversions, velux roofline conversions etc and can redesign almost any kind of property to create sufficient space in your homes best satisfying your requirements.

Fulfill Your Extra Space Requirements by Converting Lofts in UK

Loft is an upper storey in the building or home under the roof. This additional space in the house can be used as storage. Based on the available space, these lofts also can be used for living space with bit changes. A loft conversion is a value addition to your home. Loft conversions are much popular among UK people nowadays. The increased cost of living and life style have turned people in UK to think seriously to fulfill the increasing demand of living space. Lofts in UK are considered the most useful space for home extension.

Lofts are converted in various ways by dormer’s loft conversion, velux loft conversion, Hip to gable loft conversion. The terms are very easy. Dormer loft conversion is the process to extend the side roofs in parallel of main home or commercial walls to extend the side space. Velux conversion is also known as roofline conversion, which is generally used to get more sunlight into the house through lofts. Former small houses or buildings are shadowed through the high buildings and not able to get the required sunlight. Velux filling in the roof gives more natural light to your home and save energy. Hip to Gable roof light is a way to extend the roof to increase the space. If your house is covered with roof, you have opportunity to extend the home space. What is the feasibility and in what factor you can increase the space by loft conversions can be estimated well with the help of experts from loft Conversion Company.

UK loft conversion has renovated many houses, buildings and complexes in UK till now. If you are interested in converting your loft in extra bedroom, bathroom, toilet or space for kitchen, you need to consult experienced and technically expert for loft conversion. As the conversion or renovation work is very much sensitive that can be improved with good planning, designing and authority approval by keeping the cost low. Inexperience loft converter can increase your loft conversion cost along with low quality work. Never compromise with the conversion quality, as this may be your long term planning and over the years, construction costs increase day by day. Thus good planning, designing and specialist loft converters in UK can give you the best expected conversion result to meet your loft conversion goals.

Warmer’s Lofts have Exclusive Solutions to Increase Your Home Space

Are you worried that you are unable to purchase a new house with the growing needs of space for your spouse, kids and family members? You want to extend you home space but don’t know how? You are in search of a building contractor, who can give you the proper guidance and the ways to remove the space limitations in your home. If these are the questions making you worried, you don’t have to bother at all. Warmer’s lofts in West Midlands will fulfill your space demand with some of the amazing low cost solutions. Visit the website and get an idea that how you can convert your unused space in most usable home space – visit

Lofts & Garages are the most unused space that can be effectively utilized to make the home more spacious and decorative with the new home accessories. Convert your lofts to extend your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or store room. Even garages are also spare space for the bungalow owners. If you don’t effectively use your garage for parking of your vehicle, it is better to remove and extend your hall or bedroom to get some more living space or convert the garage into a small room to make your kid’s study room or bathroom. Warmer’s loft will help you from scratch to the end along with all the permission required to get for home extension or conversion, repairing or building the extension part with the quality material that will enhance the home durability and also look good and decorative than previous with beautiful architectural system to change and increase the living space as per your requirement. Even our experts will listen and understand all your needs and design the layout as per your requirements beyond your expectation to make you happy at the end with low cost conversion budget. Get more information on garage conversions at –

About Warmers Lofts

Warmers Lofts – a leading loft conversion company in West Midlands, UK provides the world class loft extensions to enhance the home space with variety of conversions plans like dormers loft, roof-line conversion, hip to gable, garage conversions, velux fitting for rooflights and many more new layouts that convert your old home to the new home at most competitive rates.

Best Loft Conversion Company in West Midlands – Warmers Loft has come up with Innovative Loft Converting Plans

Loft Conversions with Exotic outer designs that suit your home extension & home fashion outlook

Lofts are the most unused space in your house that you would like to be extended on your future space needs. Conversion of a loft in usable space is the construction work of a skilled contractor, who can lay down the custom plan for your home loft to get the unexplored space for your family. Warmers loft is offering the most innovative loft extension plans with new designs & style to give fashionable outlook to your home along with exploring the living space. As a genuine construction company, warmers loft understands the customer space requirements very well with the growing time. Wide arrays of experience of long years and skilled personal have made us more efficient to cater the world best loft converting services to our clients.

We like to extend our innovative construction services rather than only following the traditions for home extensions. Our experienced engineers and planners observe and visualize every inch of unused space in your home to make it usable portion with elegant decorations. As a most responsible construction company in UK, we understand the human feelings and requirements for home better. Our extension solutions includes loft conversions, garage conversions, velux type window fittings, kitchen & bathroom extensions are exclusive based on custom requirements with turnkey solutions. Warmers lofts understand the time and money value of the clients and try the level best to minimize their worries on or before the converting process. As a matter of facts and good response from our valued clients, we have extended our service areas to other parts of UK like Birmingham, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Telford, Solihull, Shrewsbury and Tamworth. If you are looking for the trusted company for your home extension, call us online at –

About Warmers Lofts

Warmers Lofts – a leading loft conversion company in West Midlands, UK provides the world class loft extensions to enhance the home space with variety of conversions plans like dormers loft, roof-line conversion, hip to gable, garage conversions and many more new layouts that convert your old home to the new home at most competitive rates.

Warmers Lofts Presents Velux Window Fitting in West Midlands

Velux Fitting for Roofline & Dormer’s Loft – Consult the Most Experienced & Skilled Loft Converter in Birmingham

This is one of the prime services offered by many construction companies in UK. Warmers Loft, as a reputed company having years of experience in installing velux branded window fitting. Skilled engineers and professional technicians at Warmers Lofts are installing the velux with perfect measurements and less constructional repairing work. They offered both types of velux installations including roofline velux installation and dormer type velux installation.

Roofline velux installation needs very less destruction to the existing roof as the velux window installation is parallel to roofline and don’t need excessive destruction. Only need to cut the window roofline portion and place the window with fixtures and accessories. Even Roofline velux fixation doesn’t need permission from building planning authority. This is very safe installation to enhance the sunlight into the room or loft portion.

Velux is the old brand and reputed company developing the designer and attractive roof windows most suitable to all types of loft conversion process. At Warmers lofts, we believe in the quality work and never compromise with the quality. Our main aim is to satisfy our clients by fulfilling their home extension requirements. We understand their requirements well, so do the best to achieve their requirements with our quality work.

Dormer’s Velux fitting is another type of velux installation, where to install velux at dormer type loft conversions. Warmers Lofts provide the best home extension solutions with loft conversions, garage conversions, kitchen and bathroom extensions etc. They also provide the turn key solutions for converting the lofts to increase the usable space to your home. For genuine velux window fittings & loft conversions at most affordable rate, visit –

About Warmers Lofts

Warmers Lofts – a leading loft conversion company in West Midlands, UK provides the world class loft extensions to enhance the home space with variety of conversions plans like dormers loft, roof-line conversion, hip to gable, garage conversions and many more new layouts that convert your old home to the new home at most competitive rates.

Building Construction Market in West Midlands

Home Construction or ExtensionBuilding construction market in West Midlands have shown the recent rise, though the economy shows the slow down. This rise in infrastructure has become quite possible not due to the new construction buildings and complexes but the renovation and home extension activities are raised due to high costing of new infrastructure development purchases. It doesn’t mean that new construction seem totally stopped but seem difficult for builders to sell new properties due to high cost and need to give variety of scheme offers to sale the new title property. Compare to new selling, the home extension for the requirements has shown quite a big surge in the construction market. The small building contractors are getting good orders for house extension and conversions of unused space into the usable space for bedrooms, hall, kitchen or bathroom.

The increased inflation rates in West Midlands have raised the new construction cost along with the renovation cost. But if you compare the renovation cost is quite affordable than to purchase a new house or office. Contractors know these economy factors well and as a result offer the attractive home extension and conversion schemes to enhance the unused space of your own house. There are various risen demands in construction market of West Midlands.

As per the recent observation people inquire about the converting lofts and garages to extend their living room/study room/bedroom. Even this extension can add up 1 more room to your resident.

Some of the inquiries, contractors are getting for building up new storey on the existing one for the individual bungalows or residential unit. No doubt the construction cost is quite high due to high rated raw materials cement, sands, chemicals, bricks, labor everything have gone up but still extension can be quite comfortable for you if you are really in need of getting extra space or rooms.

Loft conversion is the best way to extend the space to your room and make it more spacious. Even you can covert the loft to a small study room for your kid to make him helpful in reading concentration or make the loft convert into the store room where you can keep your addition room luggage. Even loft can be effectively converted into the spacious bathroom where you can relax and take bath more comfortably.

Approach to a good contractor will get you benefited all the way including better planning, co-operation in getting the new construction permission as well to build up new space in cost effective manner. Warmer’s Lofts in West Midlands is such a reputed name in building construction and home extension services that you are looking for. Just log on the site and call the representative to get the fresh quote today as per your construction requirement…